Microeconomics Project

Here is a (draft of a) project I am doing for a Microeconomics class at Empire State College.

Here is the project:

No Java 2 SDK, Standard Edition v 1.4 support for APPLET!!

Possible Problems



There are two variables which can be changed:


This is the slope of the demand curve, which is displayed as the AR, except when the slope is zero, when the AR is the same as the MR.


For a non-zero slope (a price maker), the intercept is the place the demand curve will cross the "Quantity" (x-axis) line. An increase in the intercept will shift the demand curve to the right. However, for a zero slope (a price taker), the demand curve doesn't cross the x axis, so in this case, it will be the y intercept, or price. May I suggest that for a zero slope, a low price (perhaps around 15) might be more appropriate, since the graphs do not adjust their scales automatically.

The "Update" Button

Clicking the "Update" Button causes both graphs to be re-drawn. This is very quick. It can be used after slope or intercept is updated, or any time that the graph(s) are not properly displayed.