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This is a CD-R, more of which seem to be crossing my desk lately (and unfortunately, my very best standard CD deck won't play them). I don't know if in this case that is because this is a promo copy or because Peter Arthur Loeb burns each one himself. Probably the latter - seeing as how the note booklet is a color xerox. All this is not to denigrate the album - it's a very listenable collection of a dozen tracks, of which ten were composed by Loeb himself. But that's just the beginning of the multi-talents displayed here. All four instruments of the jazz quartet are also played by Loeb - multi-tracking himself on drums, piano, bass and tenor sax! And he's good - damn good! Especially as a tenor saxist. I find most of his tunes more interesting listening that half of what comes my way from top-name jazzmen. I doubt if you'll find this in the stores, so if you're intrigued, visit Peter's web site at

Tracks: Boo Hoo, Four of Me, Five in Three, Sarah by Sunlight, Boston Dover, Altered, B-B, You Know Who, TaF Blues, Camptown Drag, Rose the Riveter, Timeless.

- John Henry