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It's Peter....No, It's Peter....I think it's Peter.....I guess it's Peter

Yes, it's Peter Loeb, New York based multi-faceted drummer, acoustic bass player, jazz pianist, and reedman. The CD project holds together nicely considering the ramifications involved in multi-dubbing, et al. However, Peter brings a certain panache to the disc by dubbing all (4) tracks for the project, (drums, piano, bass, & tenor).

Peter succeeds in his efforts by creating the appropiate effects we expect to hear from each instrument carefully planned for in their combination. This blending produces a swinging ethos, which becomes more cogent than the sum of its parts. Hey, his approach works well! It's also very economical. Peter, I can't wait for your next big band CD project.


Note: George W. Carroll / The Musicians' Ombudsman