File Transfer Web Application

This is my first attempt at a struts/J2EE web application. It is a very simple app, it allows the uploading to and downloading from the web server running this app.

I have packaged this app as a "war" file. (Make war, not love?) When the war file is unpacked, there should be a zip file on the "download" directory, which contains my development environment. In general, the .cmd files won't work. This is because there is a bit more to my development environment. There is a "containing" directory which contains all the files and directories which are in the zip file, but also, a REXX program and two additional sub-directories, lib and strutslib. The lib directory has all the jar files I needed for compiles, but they are all unpacked, so I only need one classpath reference. The strutslib directory just contains the struts jar files. My "make" process uses this directory to copy from. I should move to ANT. The make.cmd file invokes the makefile.rex program on the containing directory. It does all the copies from my development environment to the appropriate Tomcat directory.

This link to the war file should allow you to download it easily. The zip file is contained (on the download directory) in the war file.

Technical note: I used jdk 1.5.0_01, struts 1.2.7 and Tomcat 5.5.12. I am not aware of any particular dependencies.

My Development Environment

This section describes the section of my hard drive which contains the source files. All of this stuff is in the zip file.

The Base Directory

On my system, the base directory is FileTransfer. It contains several cmd files and this html file. I would not expect any of the cmd files to work outside of my environment, but they should provide some hints. The base directory also contains some sub-directories, which are described next.

The com Directory

The com sub-directory contains a palserv sub-directory, which contains an ft sub-directory, which contains the compiled class files.

The doc Directory

The doc sub-directory contains the javadoc api of my application. It was made using the makedoc.cmd file in the base directory, which won't work without the lib directory in the containing directory.

The jsp Directory

The jsp sub-directory contains, as you might expect, the jsp file for this application. There is only one, index.jsp.

The resource Directory

The resource sub-directory contains the file, which is the default resource bundle (in English) for this app.

The source Directory

The source sub-directory contains the java source files for the application and the html package description for the javadoc.

The web-inf Directory

The web-inf sub-directory contains the files which will go into the WEB-INF directory in the final app. It includes the two XML files (struts-config.xml and web.xml) and two struts taglibs.


This is not a "real" in the sense of a business app, but it accomplishes these purposes:

I am quite proud of this simple app.