XMusic Home Page

Updated Jan 9, 2001

XMusic is very much "under construction". At this point I don't have a lot, yet, but I have something.

The idea is to make an XML application which allows all the information of music notation to be stored in an XMusic document.

To give you an idea, I have a sample XMusic file which is validated with this DTD. It's a start. Since not all browsers will show these files, here are "html" versions: the sample XMusic file and the DTD.

My next step is to figure out a way to translate (hopefully with XSLT) an XMusic document to XMidi.

XMidi (at least version 1.2) is finished. However, when I have something done in XMusic, I want to expand XMidi to accept additional (non-midi) data which could be stored in a midi file. A midi file with this extra data could then be converted to XMidi (with additional tags not yet present). This XMidi file could be transformed (again, hopefully with XSLT) back to XMusic.

This sounds like a lot of work to get back to where we started, but if enough additional tags can be added to XMidi and XMusic to make it possible to do XSLT conversions between them, it will be a great step forward, bridging the gap between music notation (XMusic) and MIDI (XMidi).

What I have done, so far, is to create the DTD and a sample XMusic file. Since these files won't display in Netscape, I have made "HTML wrappers". Here are "displayable" versions of the sample and the DTD. A lot remains to be done.

Comments, suggestions, etc. should be sent to Peter Loeb.