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From Alice Loeb

Here is a joke for your page:
What did the blond answer when she was asked, "what is the difference between ignorance and apathy"?
She anwered "I don't know and I don't care."

Also, Alice voted for Phred in our contest. Get your votes in.

From Ray Terjeson

Who gives a hoot!
No, really it's pretty good!
When I think of something really NOT worthwhile to say, I'll send you some feeback. Thanks for NOTHING!
Your buddy,

From Harry Hoffman

Your form is too long. I like your organization but then again why organize. Or, on the other hand do what you want and see if I care.

You can print or not print this letter or do what what you want with it as I dont even bother to care.

Harry can't get enough of a good thing. He writes:

I want to become an unchartered non-member.

How about some un-official products like:

  1. An "I dont care button."
  2. A shirt that says "Who cares".

I wish Harry would make up his mind. He writes:

On second or third thought I am an Un-listed, Un-afflitated, Non-charter, non-member of your organization.

From Dan McFadden (a charter "member")

Your site is truly "apathetic" but maybe not yet sufficiently "pathetic" for my taste. Surely, you could have included a few typos. In the true spirit of such a page, you should throw out your backspace key and never look back.

Maybe you could provide some links to blank, in-complete or otherwise useless sites.

I did include you on my favorites list so I will be on the lookout for improvements or lack of same. Either way, you cannot win!

Upon further reflection, Dan wrote:

Never do it right the first time and failing that, just skip it altogether.

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