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I have Big Band Arrangements for sale. The price of each chart is listed in the table, below, but does not include shipping and handling, which is dependent on where I have to mail it to. If your order is coming from New York State, you must add NYS Sales Tax based on your county. My automated order form will figure it out for you if you use this form, but you must put in the correct county.

Order Form

I don't expect anyone to buy an arrangement without hearing it first, so I have included audio files of each arrangement. You will need RealPlayer (or equivalent) to hear these audio files. You can download RealPlayer for free. I recall reading that they (the folks at RealPlayer) want me to show their logo with each audio clip. Since there may be a bunch of clips, here is the logo:

If your connection is at least 32Kbps, you can click on the title and hear the arrangement right away. This is called audio streaming. If your connection is less than 32Kbps, click on the link saying "Downloadable" to the right of the title. There will be a delay as the file downloads (each one is around 1 meg) then you will hear the arrangement.

If you prefer MP3 files, they are at my Hot Jazz MP3 Files page. MP3 files are much better quality, but they are much larger and as far as I know, the only way to hear them is to download them first. That's why I use RealAudio here.

These arrangements are not "graded". They are meant to be professional charts. As such, I refuse to temper my writing by such considerations as level of difficulty.

Each arrangement comes with:

All printed music is done with Cakewalk's Overture 2 product, and printed on an HP Laserjet 1100 at 600 dpi. No hand copying. It is then "mass printed" by a professional printer, JNB Printing. This should give you some idea of what to expect in the way of quality of appearance. The size of all sheets is 8 1/2 by 11 inches, but these are not reductions; the layout is aimed at this size page. Except for the score, the staves, notes, markings, etc., are large and easy to read. Or at least I think so.

The Charts

Sent to Siberia Downloadable $60.00
Shorty Downloadable $60.00

The charts of this next group are mostly done, but not yet printed. Thus, you may feel free to listen to them all you like, but they are not yet available for sale. If you really like them, you may email me and let me know. If I see enough interest, then I will have them printed.

Just in the Knack of Time Downloadable n/a
Detail Man Downloadable n/a

The last group is a bit of a different story. They are the ones which were "overdubbed" into the sequencer. When they become available for sale, these audio files will be replaced with ones made as above. For a more complete explanation of this, see the history section of the "thoughts" page of this site.

Courtin Downloadable n/a
Bounce Along Downloadable n/a
Awareness and Unawareness Downloadable n/a
Ump-a-chu-OOng Downloadable n/a

I expect to be adding more in the near future, so bookmark this page and look again from time to time.

There are notes available for each chart. At this time, there are no notes for the charts which are not yet for sale.

For anyone interested, I have written down some of my thoughts concerning these arrangements, my use of MIDI, etc.

Eventually, I hope that somebody (maybe you) will make recordings of these charts and put them out on the internet. If you do, send me an email and I will include a link on my page of other perfomances. (There is no link here, because the page doesn't exist. The page doesn't exist, because as yet there are no other performances that I know of.)

If you find any mistakes, please let me know. I will maintain a list of known mistakes for each chart on the notes page. I thought of including the notes with each chart, but I believe it is better to keep them here. The latest notes will always be on this site.

If you want to save the "Downloadable" files to your hard drive, then here are some ideas: from Netscape, use Shift + click on the link, which will bring up a "Save" dialog box; from Internet Explorer, right click on the link and select "Save Target As...", which will bring up a "Save" dialog box. Try to remember where you saved it. If you double click on that file (file extension is ".ra") and have RealAudio installed, it should play!

The RealAudio files (as well as the compositions and arrangements) are copyrighted. However, I grant anyone permission to download the RealAudio files and give them to anyone else, free. This only applies to the RealAudio files. I do NOT grant permission to sell these RealAudio files or their contents, and I certainly do not grant permission to anyone to make copies of the printed material (score, parts, etc.) of the arrangements, except for use in conjunction with the arrangement. As an example, it would be ok to make photo-copies of the "blowing changes" to augment the printed arrangement, but it would not be ok to make copies of the parts so that another band could play the arrangement. Let them buy their own copy. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

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