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Complete discography for Peter Arthur Loeb

  • Dakota Staton
    • Ms Soul
      Label: Simitar Ent.
      ASIN: B000005OTL
      This one has the same title and cover as the vinyl.
      Also may be available as:
      Label: LRC Records
      ASIN: B000001J10
      Recorded: 1975?
      Features Norman Simmons - piano, Bob Cunningham or Major Holley - bass and Bobby Hamilton - drums.
      The "Moonglow" CD also contains several cuts from other sessions with other people.
    • Isn't This a Lovely Day
      Label: Muse Records
      ASIN: B000008PL1
      Recorded: 12/23/92
      Features Bross Townsend or Norman Simmons - piano, Rob Paparozzi - harmonica, George Naha - guitar, Tony Scheer - bass and Michael Carvin - drums.
  • The Progressive All Star Tenor Saxophone Spectacular
    Label: Progressive
    Number: PCD-7019
    Recorded: April 18, 1977
    Six tenors (Scott Hamilton, Peter Loeb, Flip Phillips, Frank Sokolow, Ray Turner, Bennie Wallace) and a rhythm section (Derrick Smith, Howie Collins, George Mraz, Ronnie Bedford). The CD listed also includes the trombone spectacular with eight trombone players and a ryhthm section.
  • Noah Young
    Unicorn Dreams
    Label: Laughing Angel Records (vinyl)
    Recorded: 1974?
    Includes one track, "Lake Taco" by Andy LaVerne, which features Andy and Peter Loeb. Other tracks contain different people.
  • Jacques Roc
    Jackie and Company
    Recorded: 1975?
    Features Rick Wald on alto and flute and Peter Loeb on piano.

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