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Here are some links to other sites which may be of interest:

  • Although the physical store is gone, the online version of Village Flute & Sax remains. Dr Rick provides a lot of very important information on his site for sax players. Check it out!
  • Bill Merchant of the Merchant Bass Company is a truly fine bass maker/repairer (luthier). He is also the inventor of the "Merchant Vertical Bass". The only way I can describe it is to say that it feels like I'm playing a real upright bass, but it is far smaller, lighter, and less affected by the weather. Great for gigs!
  • Tim Price is an incredible musician and a friend. He also wrote the liner notes to my CD and an amazing review of it. His site has pictures, MP3's and lots of other good stuff. Check it out!
  • Lee Greene is a fine sax player and an old friend. This site is a plug for his album "N.Y. Calling".
  • My site is now listed at the Arts Vertical Portal, specifically on this page.
  • Barry Greenspon of Drummers World is an old friend and a fine drummer. He helped me pick out my set, which was made in his store.

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