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Here are some quotes from well known people, mostly musicians, about me and my new CD.

  • "Peter plays a whole lot of tenor saxophone...not to mention piano, bass and drums!" - Michael Brecker
  • "Enjoyable, swinging music" - Hilton Ruiz
  • "Peter Arthur Loeb's new C.D. "Four of Me" is what jazz is supposed to be all about! ... Simply said, this recording is a modern day masterpiece, one you should have in your collection." - Tim Price
  • "Peter Arthur Loeb, one person, three names, endowed with the talent of five people. Now, with the release of his CD "Four Of Me," he shares these talents with the rest of us. On it he plays saxophone, piano, bass, and drums, to form a one man band. That's talent enough for four, but, alas, he composed most the music as well! That makes five of him, for all of us to enjoy!" - Andy LaVerne

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