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All samples here are copyright © Peter Arthur Loeb, 2003.

Samples From My CD

Here are some audio samples from my new CD "Four of Me" for you to enjoy. These samples are only available in streaming RealAudio. They are in "mono" and all fade out after a minute or so, however they should give you some idea what my music is about. There are some MP3 files below, but not of the tunes from the CD. If you want to hear these tunes complete, in stereo, and in CD quality, you will just have to buy the CD.

If you want to buy my CD you can get it here, where you can also read some of my thoughts about the tunes.

Other Overdubs as MP3 Files

These tunes are all by my "One Man Band", meaning that I play all the instruments through overdubbing. They are here as MP3 files, but no streaming. Feel free to download them and enjoy. Consider these somewhat of a sample of my CD, but I think the tracks on the CD are better.
Title - MP3 Date Size Comments
Blues For Sandy 1999 6.6MB
Around 1992 7.4MB Bass recorded with pickup (Polytone)
Inconsistency 1993 8.3MB Bass recorded with pickup (Polytone)
C Maj 7 - Eb Maj 7 1993 8.5MB Bass recorded with pickup (Polytone)

Big Band Arrangements

Here are MIDI renditions of some of my big band charts. In general, we have four trumpets, four trombones, five reeds, and three rhythm, which is a fairly standard big band instrumentation. They are here in two forms.

  • Streamable RealAudio. You will need RealPlayer (or equivalent) to hear these audio files. You can download RealPlayer for free to hear them. The quality of these files is not as good, but you don't have to download them before you hear them, as with MP3 files. Click on the title to start the streaming audio.
  • Downloadable MP3 files. You can download these high quality files and listen to them as much as you like.

Title - Streaming Audio MP3 Files Size
Sent to Siberia Downloadable MP3 4.7MB
Awareness and Unawareness Downloadable MP3 6.0MB
Bounce Along Downloadable MP3 5.8MB
Courtin' Downloadable MP3 5.9MB
Detail Man Downloadable MP3 5.4MB
Just in the Knack of Time Downloadable MP3 4.1MB
Ump-a-Chu-Oong Downloadable MP3 6.1MB
Shorty Downloadable MP3 4.6MB

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© Copyright Peter Arthur Loeb, 2003